Top Five Luxury Hotels in the World

Every Time before going to somewhere, we think many times which are the Best Hotels to stay there or most Expensive Hotels in the world?

All Right, we are herein to give you the solution of your query. Check it out The World’s Best Hotels where you can Check-In to make your trip more memorable.

Therein we have the List Of Top 5 Most Luxurious Hotels.

People who love to travel and never compromise with the quality, for all those caviar these places are the incredible option to make vacation endures forever!

As we know Unlimited expanding serves Unlimited choices, but really few are there who can undergo with these all.

When we talk about Luxury, these Inns have all it’s own who are eagerly waiting to make your stay memorable that you haven’t experienced before.

Before moving down towards the Top Nicest Hotel of the World, let first have a glance how we order them.


  1. We will figure out the Most Luxurious room the Inn has to offer.
  2. We will check out the standard charge for the chamber.

As all of these Hotels are expensive, although ought to approachable for anybody.


Below are the World Top Five Hotels 2017:

#1. The Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, Greece

At number one The Grand Resort Lagonissi is the World’s most Expensive Hotel in Athens, Greece. The per night price is almost $50K , which seems like to be in heaven on rent.

Magnificent outlook, extraordinary food, most expensive cars, alluring European women, that is the glimpse what money can buy!

The Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece is the choice of all the big celebrities all our the world.

The Grand Resort Lagonissi

#2. Palms Casino Resort Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

At number second, Palms Casino Resort Hotel is the World’s most Expensive Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The place where top millionaire or billionaire comes to puff out their cash.

Price per night of this Inn is $38k which is not a big deal for the gamblers who usually prefer to spend their night here.

Some are the Expert Poker Players who have the expertise in the game & earn millions in the night, while rest of them are generally enjoying the vacations.

 Palms Casino Resort Hotel

#3.Four Seasons Hotel, Manhattan, New York

At number three, Four Seasons Hotel is the World’s most Expensive Hotel in Manhattan, New York.

Four Seasons Hotel offers 368 ultimate suites & hotel rooms. The Luxury rooms are all it’s have custom furnish, natural light, modern technology.

Almost $32,500 is the price per night of premium suite along with likely the best sight, in New York. Even it has been turned into promptness mark by those which will most likely not ever go broke through the stay.

Four Seasons Hotel

#4. President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland

At number Four, President Wilson Hotel is the World’s most Expensive Hotel , in Geneva, Switzerland.

Located On The Lemon Lake Shore Furthermore with Beautiful Parks. Large bay-windows offers a panoramic view of access beyond Lake Lemon.

The price for a single night in this Hotel is $30,000 that is unimaginable for most of the people.

President Wilson Hotel offers various facilities that a person could not able to utilize all of them but the choices are always there.

President Wilson Hotel

#5.Atlantis Resort Hotel, Dubai & Bahamas

At number Five, Atlantis Resort Hotel is the World’s most Expensive Hotel, in Dubai & Bahamas.

Atlantis current 2,317 rooms and the world’s biggest outdoors marine natural surroundings, the Stage III development incorporates the rich 600-room resort inside the resort.

$20k is the One night price of Atlantis, which is extremely unpredictable. The one of the most expensive destination of the World. Holding the title of The Most Luxurious Opening of an Inn in history.

The Atlantis made it most of the way into our best 5 Most costly Inns on the Globe!

Atlantis Resort Hotel

This was the Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels of the World 2017. Do you believe it’s justified regardless of the cash and if yes, which one would you pick?